American Cook

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American Cook


At a local supermarket, two women push half-lilted grocery cart. The ladies are good friends, but they couldn't be more different. One is a stay-at-home housewife who loves to create culinary masterpieces from scratch. The other is a training supervisor at a prestigious advertising agency. Household chores particularly those in the kitchen, are not her idea of fun. The two ladies stop for a moment in the frozen foods section. "I'm so tired," sighs the professional woman. "I don't know what to do about supper. Her friend suggests, "What about a microwave dinner?" The weary professional sighs,I don't feel like cooking tonight. "


If you think American cooking means opening a package and tossing the contents into the microwave, think again. On the one hand, it's but that Americans thrive on cold cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and instant dinners From busy homemakers to professional people, many Americans enjoy the convenience of prepackaged meals that can be ready to serve in 10 minutes or less. On the other hand, many Americans recognize the value of cooking skills. Parents -especially mothers -see the importance of training their children -especially daughters- in the culinary arts. Most Americans will admit that there's nothing better than a good home-cooked meal. But with cooking, as with any other skill, good results don't happen by accident.

假如您以为美式烹饪就是打开一个料理金而将里头的东西放进微波炉加热,那你得改变想法了。从某一方面来说,美国人以早餐的冷麦片,午餐的三明治及快餐晚餐而发育健壮,这倒是真的。从忙碌的家庭主妇到上班族,许多美国人喜欢享受事先包装好的便餐所带来的方便,这些速餐在不到 10分钟内就可上桌。从另一个角度来看,许多美国人都认同厨艺的价值。父母亲——特别是妈妈看到训练孩子,尤其是女儿,烹饪艺术的重要性。大多数的美国人都承认没有什么比得上一顿自家傲的餐点。而谈到烹饪,一如其它的技巧,好的成果并非偶然天成的。

For those who need guidance in their working,or for those who have just run out of ideas, recipes are lifesavers. Recipes list all the ingredients for a dish (generally in the order used), the amount of each to use, and a description of how to put them together. Finding recipes in America is as easy as pie. Most good cooks have a shelf full of cookbooks ranging from locally published recipe collections to national bestsellers like the Betty Croeker cookbook. Magazines devoted to home management, such as Good Housekeeping and Family Circle , are chock-full of scrumptious selections. Friends often augment their recipe collection by passing around their favorites written on cards.


For experienced cooks, true arlists that they are, recipes are merely reference points. They often make adjustments as they go along, depending on the quantity of people they need to serve,the ingredients they have available and their personal taste. Some cooks use recipes very little, preferring instead to depend on their inluiliun as they add a pinch of this and a dash of that to create just the right fla vors.


Of course, Americans don't have a corner on the market when it comes to good cooking. Wherever you go in the world, people love to eat. As a result, every culture and nationality has its own share of mouth-watering delicacies. And America, as a "land of immigrants," has imported practically all varieties of cooking. Most good cooks in America are "fluent" in severcooking "dialecls": Mexican, Italian, Chinese and old good American style, just to name a few. But whatever the dialect, cooking is a language everyone understands.



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